Free Progressive EDM Loops and MIDI Files

Free EDM Loops and MIDI

Free EDM loops and MIDI files

Download a free set of loops, samples and midi files for producing hard hitting and catchy Progressive House and EDM songs. Produced by Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle) and Loop Cartel.

Free pack:

FULL PACK exclusively on Beatport Sounds.

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4 thoughts on “Free Progressive EDM Loops and MIDI Files”

  1. Excellent site you have here. I downloaded some of the free goodies and I will be messing around with them shortly. I am a retired DJ from New Orleans. All I do now is sit in my studio and write. I am completely consumed by my love for music. It is people like you all that help keep it alive. So, I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your work. I plan on buying from you in the future, but until then how do I make a donation for your efforts? Please let me know. Thanks again!

    Paul L.

  2. Hey i am 17 i am way excited 2 be an edm artist.. i started learnin my DAW. But i never played piono . Thnx a lot to make my excitement go gud.. i wanna learn music theory .is it possible 2 do it on 25 keys midi keyboard

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